Frank Kermode dies

He died this week at age 90. He published more than 50 books on literature and other matters, 10 of them in the last 10 years. His writing reflected a judicial, gentle nature. His close reading of a work is beyond compare.

Each book  is down to earth, written for readers, glowing brilliantly in thought and style. In the mold of Harold Bloom and Edmund Wilson, he was unswayed by fashionable academic trends.

A quote from one of the obituaries: “John Updike said that Kermode’s conclusions seem ‘inarguable – indeed just what we would have argued, had we troubled to know all that, or goaded ourselves to read this closely,’ while Philip Roth admitted that although he dislikes reading reviews, ‘if Frank Kermode reviewed my book I would read it.'” Whatever you see with his name on it, pick it up. For a list of his books, click here.

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