Emerson on the books we read

“I cannot remember the books I read any more than the meals I have eaten, even so, they have made me.”

Long ago & far away

I think this is pre-Dallas Morning News days, probably around 1969 in Denton, a carefree time when the world began to send me off to places unknown, unimaginable, rewarding and still mysterious.

Old friends and Worm

Old friends and Worm in a painting by Frank X. Tolbert2. My dog was caught in a flashlight beam on top of a flattop mountain near Talpa in West Texas.

The House of Opium in the Golden Triangle


Ethnic girls selling hill tribe crafts in front of the House of Opium at Sop Ruak, Thailand, on the Makong River.

The Qatar airport in Doha


The Doha airport was named the most luxurious airport in the world. It’s a beautiful piece of architecture. 



More Backwoods Churches

vertical window

Pax et Lux

Chaos In The Gum Machine


“Don’t worry, I’ve got everything under control.”