The Kyoto Journal biodiversity issue

Unbelievably beautiful

and important, the Kyoto Journal issue No. 75

One Comment on “The Kyoto Journal biodiversity issue”

  1. Dear Roy,
    On behalf of everyone at KJ in Kyoto, thank you so very much for this post and link. When you have had some time to read through some of the print and online material in the issue I hope that you will share your impressions of specific articles with your readers. I surely agree that John’s design work is exceptionally beautiful and I emphatically agree with how important this issue is. As you know, we have printed hundreds of extra copies for distribution at the United Nations’ COP10 biodiversity conference in Nagoya this month, and we have 14 press passes for staff who will be attending at various times. This special issue of our magazine is a part of a tremendous effort that Kyoto Journal is making not only to provide our readers with vital reading matter but to help shape the outcome of a global dialogue with immense consequences, a dialogue which has been lopsidedly shaped by corporate interests until now. Any assistance you can offer by sincerely reviewing stories here on your blog would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Very gratefully, Stewart

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