Alex Kerr interview

Alex Kerr is a writer-educator who is well known for several books about Japan, including Lost Japan and Dogs and Demons, and his most recent book on Thailand, Bangkok Found, where he has lived since 1997. Noted as a perceptive cultural critic of Asian arts, he heads Origin, an educational program that offers special classes on the fine arts of Japan and Thailand. His books on Japan have had a cultural impact in the area of the arts and environment. Currently, he’s working on Kyoto Found, which looks at the city’s unique cultural heritage.

For a short Q&A interview about Bangkok Found click here.

One Comment on “Alex Kerr interview”

  1. ted says:

    Happened to read this when in Bangkok last year. Interesting to see Kerr in student mode, still feeling his way, sorting things out. A sequel to Lost Japan, obviously, but a prequel in many ways.

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