Katy Makes An Entrance

Katy Makes An Entrance

Finally home after a three-day prowl.

Laddawan watched her jump to the top

of the wall along the back of the house

then fly up four feet like a furry bird

onto the roof to tread to the bedroom window.

Images of fangs sinking

into her haunch, blood on the road,

a little girl’s touch calling her away

all disappeared as she walked into our life again

from the Otherwhere – now returned to here,

tongue lapping the water bowl, smelling bits

of dried food, meowing non-stop as she curls

up near my feet. “Where you been, Babe?”

“It’s none of your business, Bud. You wouldn’t

understand anyway,” she said, licking the half-inch,

dried puncture wound on the inside of her right leg

where the skin is pink and hairless.

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