2014! Year of the Horse

self portrait

self portrait

Back in business…it’s been a while since I last posted. What’s happened? A lot and not enough. I finished  The House of No Mind, my travel-memoir, tried to get an agent/publisher, etc., and hit the “No go” sign, which wasn’t a good way to end the Fall season but there it is. I like the book, but you know the story. I had a range of feedback, but no takers. I don’t have the energy or the brilliant idea right now about what to do to make it work (other than find an agent/publisher who would take it on as is…), so I’ll let it rest for now and come back to it later. If you know of a good small press that might like a vivid travel/memoir that ranges across Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Myanmar, drop me a line. IMG_1266Meanwhile, I’ve read a score of books in the past six months. Right now I’ll mention only one: Philip Larkin’s Jazz Writings. It’s a great education on the transition from the old-time jazz to the modern jazz that most people know today. The great Louis Armstrong is the key symbol of the transition (and a Larkin idol). Of course, he was one of the original giants, but his great experimentation, freshness and techne was left behind as he slipped into the image that became the later day, worldwide iconic image of American jazz. Larkin knew his jazz, and he couldn’t comfortably ride the Coltrane/Davis/et al dominance over older, original masters who created the art form (and languished in later life, forgotten). The moderns took jazz to more abstract levels with greater individuality. The crazy spontaneity that Larkin cherished had disappeared: the feeling that makes you tap your feet and snap your fingers when a big jazz band or ensemble cranks it up. Check out these tunes on Youtube, one slow and one fast. If you have one hour, listen to this compilation track featuring Armstrong with notables such as Sinatra, Jackie Gleason and others. Rare and wonderful…

3 Comments on “2014! Year of the Horse”

  1. I second both your sentiments! Welcome back, Mr. Hamric. I hope to eventually buy your memoir – maybe as an ebook?

  2. royhamric says:

    Luc Novovitch is one of the great photojournalist working today. He lives in Alpine in the Big Bend area of Texas. See his website:http://www.novopix.com/

  3. 2014 will be a good year – Roy is back on the blog!

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