Where’s Roxy Gordon?

3341388I looked for Roxy Gordon’s website today, and couldn’t find it. I’ve written his wife, Judy, for more information. I still can’t write about Roxy, who’s dead and buried outside of Talpa, Texas, near his “house up” home/campsite in West Texas. It’s one of those small, flat-top hills with the mesquite-desert spaces in between. Roxy was a writer-artist-musician-poet. Even more important, he had what Indians call medicine. People in Asia would say he was a man of The Way. He knew some things.

Here’s a link to Smaller Circles, his poem/talking word song (also the title for a book of poetry).

Here’s a poem/talking word song Indians.

Here’s a story written upon his death by a Dallas friend.


l                                                                       Roxy Gordon,  Dallas, circa 1980s

2 Comments on “Where’s Roxy Gordon?”

  1. ted says:

    That’s really weird. I haven’t visited the site in a few years until today, and I too couldn’t find it. Then I remembered that you wrote this post. Any idea what happened?

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