Partying With the Shan Army


photograph by Sam Jam

photograph by Sam Jam


My friend Daniel Otis, a writer now living in Cambodia, spent almost a month in northeastern Myanmar in February, mostly reporting on the Shan Army. He’s written an insightful, revealing story that appeared in Vice, with various other versions for different publications. Sam Jam, a photographer, took great photographs of the trip. The days were marked with military drills and parades. At night, the rebel army’s rock and roll band took to the stage for raucous booze-fuelled concerts. To get a look at Dan’s writing, see his website Exhaust and Incense here. The Vice story is here.


Daniel Otis

Daniel Otis, in Cambodia.

One Comment on “Partying With the Shan Army”

  1. Tom Harris says:

    Hey Roy,

    I read some articles that your friend Daniel Otis has in his blog and really enjoyed them so I signed up with him also-thanks.

    Hope you are well & thriving.



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