The Everly Brothers, Chet Atkins, Mark Knopfler, Mark McDonald

Everly_Brothers_102942507My music friend Peter O’Brien of Britain, who edited Omaha Rainbow for many years, posted this video of Why Worry, written  by Mark Knopfler and sung by the Everly Brothers, and it’s too good not to pass along. Click here.

Greil Marcus’ History of Rock and Roll

If you're new to his writing read Mystery Train before or after you read his "history."

If you’re new to his writing, read Mystery Train before or after you read this mysterious “history.”


Here’s an essential new book by Greil Marcus, our best writer and social critic on Rock, Blues and early American music. The premise is 10 Rock songs as a way to approach the intertwined history of Rock music. He has an uncanny knack of taking a knife and opening up the heart of songs, putting you inside the music, making you wish for a compilation of the songs he illuminates. The choices are not what you’d expect – some are very obscure – leaving you wishing you had his ears and knowledge to “read” the music. Here’s an interview.