David Auerbach’s Blog, Waggish

davidheadshot-300x221I somehow stumbled across an essential blog, Waggish, which is made up of pungent, cogent essays on ideas and people relevant to the ongoing cultural dialogue, as exercised in politics, the academy, the media and pop culture. Auerbach’s net is wide-ranging, and refreshingly more concerned with ideas and the way the world is always grappling with  issues raised in classical Western philosophy. He’s both deep and accessible, and strikes me as unusually fair-minded and not ideologically driven; he splits hairs and crosses his Ts. I’m following his blog now and it’s added good things to my perspective on our times. He’s also a technology writer for Salon, on the side.

Give his idea blog, Waggish, a try. And if you follow the technology press, his Salon column, Bitwise.


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