Anthony Quinn Does A Brando in ‘The Man From Del Rio’

images-1Anthony Quinn gives a powerful star turn in this 1956 Western Movie, The Man From Del Rio, using many of the tricks and mannerisms of Marlon Brando. The 1956 film was made after Quinn’s roles in Viva Zapata and La Strada. It’s a conventional  Western genre movie, essentially a shoot-’em-up, borrowing from High Noon and other Western formulas, but it’s good to see Quinn inhabit the role. His  performance is unwavering with his trademark sensitive-machisimo contrasted with the female lead, Katy Jurado, his perfect match, who  always brought sensitivity and fire to her performances. Each cast member adds power to the story. Peter Whitney is the villain, Douglas Spencer is the spineless sheriff, and the town drunk is Whit Bissell. It was directed by Harry Horner with a screenplay by Richard Carr. An interesting note, Katy Jurado was born into a very wealthy Mexican family who once owned much of the land that is now Texas. She had a long affair with Brando after he made Viva Zapata.

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