New Norton Anthology of World Religions




A classic, eclectic anthology on the major world religions is available now from Norton. The book includes  some 4,200 pages of texts spanning roughly 3,500 years. Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are presented “in their own words,” followed by critical responses, dissents, appreciations, commentaries, poems, songs, broadsides, in short a wide range of material that offers a reader one of the broadest, most comprehensive views possible of humanity’s search for the meaning of life. The overall editor, Jack Miles, discusses the book here.

2 Comments on “New Norton Anthology of World Religions”

  1. david warren says:

    Hi Roy,

    Are you going to post the PDF someday? I don’t think this will be available here anytime soon, do you? There was a kind of funny article on duckduckgo today titled, “Is the pope Catholic?” Apparently, many don’t think so…religion can be so messed up. D

    • roy hamric says:


      Maybe the anthology’s point is exactly what you say about “religion can be so messed up.” If it weren’t – or couldn’t be – it would be inhuman, and nobody wants that. I grow more and more comfortable with the imperfect and incomplete. The overall editor Jack Miles’ book, God, was wonderful in that way. I think Norton has done a wonderful thing here, something that couldn’t be done to such positive effect in any other format or medium.

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